The 8wires NoSwap modchip for Play$tationII
as simple as in P$one..!



A new mainboard SCPH-77xxx is available from $ony, and the good news is that Octapus3D is fully compatible with it! The bad news are that the pads that we used to quicksolder the bios points are missing, making installation a pain in the ass...
Some minor changes will be done to the existing design, to support quicksolder installation in these versions as well!
[ image ]

A new PStwo version (v16) out in the wild, model SCPH-7500x with mainboard GH-040-52. Octapus3D is fully compatible! Diagrams: v16
More close pictures: point2, point3, point4678, point5, pointW-a
Thanks Mauro for letting as now (www.chipstation.it)

Due to components shortage there will be a small delay in the new production, make sure to visit
Modchip.it and Gamefreax.com to find some stock. Here are some alternative diagrams for v9, v10.

One of the biggest distributor in Italy ChipStation.it enters the market with his stock of Octapus 3D Modchip!

Now Andrea from New Zealand has received his stock,
ready to supply you fast with Octapus3D!

27- 02 - 2006
-> One new Italian Distributor L.G.A.ELECTRONICS, has received his stock and he is able to supply you with Octapus3D!


-> Our German distributor Gamefreax.com has received his stock and he is ready to supply you fast and cheap with Octapus3D modchip!

-> Installation Diagrams/Guides has been updated!
Now only 7-wires for (v5, v7 consoles), 8-wires for (v9, v14, v15 consoles)
and 9-wires for (v10, v12, v4 consoles). Browse our site for new photos or download all Octapus3D Diagrams (

-> Our Italian distributor Modchip.it has received his stock and he is ready to supply you fast with Octapus3D modchip!

-> Just for Fun: Octapus3D Installed on a v3 [SCPH-3xxxx] console!
Installation Diagrams: here

-> We would like to thanks you all for the good words and support to our work and we wish you to Enjoy your Hacking!

Are U gonna Risk it with Soldering?
OCTAPUS ZERO - No-Soldering
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