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> Installation Tips of Octapus kits
Here you will find all usefull tips, before attempting to install any Octapus modchip in your SCPH-5xxxx Play$tation2!
Octapus may be an easy to install/use spare part for your console
thanks to Plug&Play Technology, but this doesn't mean that you avoid 100% the risk of damaging your system, if you fail to follow basic electronic rules...
Of course, thanks to our experience with hacking thousands of consoles the last 3 years of P$2, we can help you with the exact solution of your problem
Some info can also be used for general repairs in the most common problems that someone can phase with P$2...
> No Power on Eject/Reset Buttons
One of the most common problems that you may phase with the installation of Octapus#0, is that your P$2 will no longer Power On...
This comes from the fact, that you accidentally moved G3 Plug-In with your console Power On!
Conclusion: Never move G3 Plug-In with your P$2 Power On!
Always turn off your console before reajusting G3 Plug-In and then Power On the console to test the results!

If you are reading this page after a bad install of Octapus#0,
then don't worry cause we have the solution to recover your P$2!
- Recover your v9 P$2 console!
- Recover your v10 P$2 console!
> Blinking Led on Eject Button (blue)
If you phase this problem, then you sould recheck the connections of G3 Plug-In. You probably haven't plugged it all the way in, or while
you were closing back your console
it has been moved...
Conclusion: Always test if the Eject Button is working properly, before proceeding to the next step!
This is a very usefull tip, to avoid extra work.
After the installation of Octapus#0, test the functionality of the modchip by simply pressing Eject Button continuously.
If everything is ok, put the bottom cover and test again.
Then screw back the screws that you have removed and test again! This way you will know what is the exact step that you phase the problem, without having to screw/unscrew all screw back from the start!

Of course always Power Off your console when you move your console, and then Power On to test, till you close back P$2!

Finally if you done everything right way but problem still exists,
then you will have to cut for 2x0.5 cm the plastic edge of dvd-rom that is pressing Octapus#0 modchip...
That's All the troubles that you may phase with the plug&Play installation of Octapus#0.
If anything will be reported in the future about Octapus#0,
please visit our Forums to find the solution
or post your own thread for online support!